Monday, October 4, 2010

Gluten-free Gourmand's 100th Blog Post!

I haven't been blogging as much this summer due to good weather, but I'm finally here at my 100th post!
It's going to get pretty autumnal in Portland so I'll be doing some cool-weather cooking.  Some recipes I'll bring you this fall will include:

- Gluten-free pie crust
- Gluten-free butternut squash pie
- Lamb stew
- Home-made bread
- New GF pasta reviews
- Restaurant reviews
- More Gluten-free beer, of course

That's right - bread!  I've been baking up a storm and making headway on a new gluten-free bread recipe using my own special blend of flours.  I'm pretty excited about it, but it's not quite ready yet.  This is a teaser:
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This loaf collapsed a little; not enough xanthan gum, I think.  I'm trying to do this without eggs, so it's a bit of a challenge.

Well, wish me luck!

xoxo Gina


Amy said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I have enjoyed reading every one of them.

Rachel said...

Oh best of luck... I pray you achieve a soft loaf!

Gina said...

Thanks to both of you! I've had a great time and I've learned a lot while writing this blog and photographing my food. I'm glad you've enjoyed reading about it!