Monday, November 2, 2009

Gluten-free "Wit" Beer at Deschutes Brewery?

Update: They are again pouring the Gluten-free Krystal Weiss at Deschutes. I'll update you when I have more news.

I don't know anything yet except that I have a previously unknown gluten-free beer in my growler.

I went to Deschutes Brewery in Portland today to see if there was any news on a new gluten-free beer. My server Briggs did some extensive legwork for me, but he was unable to ascertain a definitive name, style, or description for the gluten-free beer that he served me. All I could gather was that they appeared to have run out of the Gluten-free Krystal Weiss as they were pouring my pint. They gave me the last glass from the cask and then poured me some gluten-free beer of a different kind. It is still too early to say if it's an entirely different beer than the Weiss; there was a theory afloat that the "new" beer was just an unfiltered version of the Krystal Weiss. At any rate I enjoyed the change of pace and will reaveal more details as they unfold.
On the left: Gluten-free Krystal Weiss. Center: Mystery (Wit?) Beer with arms. Right: Wasser.

Tomorrow is Deschutes Brewery's release of the The Abyss Imperial Stout. The good people of Deschutes will be busy over there, so I will not be surprised if I don't find out any more details for a few days regarding this highly important gluten-free matter. If anyone else knows anything, please leave a comment!


Amy said...

Oh, I am so jealous. I will have to try to go there next time I am in town. I wish they would bottle to stuff so we could get it down here in Eugene!

Gina said...

I know - I wish they bottled, too. I can get a growler but it doesn't keep for too long. I have to really plan on drinking it!