Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gluten-free Tempura Recipe

I had never mad my own tempura before creating this recipe.  However, I wasn't afraid to try it gluten-free.  This tempura recipe didn't come out looking like a typical all-over breading, but instead resulted in an ultra-light batter and a surprisingly tasty vegetable dish.

For a vegan version, see this recipe on I Am Gluten Free, which was my inspiration for creating a tempura recipe of my own.

Dipping Sauce Recipe:

Tempura is usually served with a simple dipping sauce. Combine:

equal parts (GF) soy sauce and water
a dash of rice vinegar
a dash of mirin (optional)
a bit of sugar

Gluten-free Tempura Recipe:

Cut in to pieces 1/4 inch thick:

4-5 assorted vegetables

Pat the vegetables dry.
Heat in a large skillet:

3/4 inch to 2 inches oil

I used mostly olive oil with some sesame oil. You will know that the oil is the right temperature when a little bit of batter dropped in it only sinks halfway to the bottom, then immediately floats back to the top.

Mix together:

1/4 cup corn starch (substitute potato starch if necessary)
1/4 cup glutinous rice flour
1/2 cup rice flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

In a large bowl, mix together:

1 egg, lightly beaten
1 cup iced water

Add the dry ingredients and whisk together.

When the oil is heated up to the right temperature as described above, dip some of the sliced, thoroughly dry vegetables into the tempura mix, coat on all sides, and carefully place them in the hot oil. Give the vegetables room in the pan. Cook for 40 seconds. If the tops have not cooked, turn the piece over and cook another 20-40 seconds. The breading doesn't have to brown - 40 to 80 seconds is plenty of time for most vegetables at this temperature. remove the vegetables and place them on a paper towel. You can keep the cooked vegetables in the oven to keep them hot while you fry more batches.

Serve hot. I enjoyed mine with rice and a marinated, roasted duck leg, the secret recipe of which belongs to a friend of mine.

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Linda said...

Looks good. I have never made tempura. Thanks for the recipe!

Babyfro said...

I've never tried making tempura either! This looks like a fun new thing to try making myself! Thanks.

thewholegang said...

This looks really good. Would you know how to create this without using any rice? I can't have rice either. It look delicious!

Gina said...

Thewholegang: Rice is not a very common allergen, which is why I use it in a lot of recipes. Rice also performs very well deep-fried. I have heard of a rice allergy, though. I love an interesting challenge. I have never tried it, but I would imagine that a fine corn flour would do well for this recipe, though the breading would come out a bit heavier. If you are also allergic to corn, my best guess is that you could try this for the flour ingredients:
1/4 Cup potato starch
1/4 Cup tapioca starch
1/2 Cup quinoa flour (or whatever you normally use for your all-purpose flour filler)

You will have to experiment and get back to us. I have had tempura for three days straight and won't be making it again soon!

Anonymous said...

OH YOU ARE KIDDING ME!! I love tempura and haven't had it for a long long time You just made my day. Thanks!

l'actrice said...

Great reminder! I actually love tempura a lot, just forgot to make it lately:-)

Anonymous said...

Try using buckwheat flour instead, for those who are allergic to rice.

vcoleman said...

hey thanks so much for the recipe! I made it and it turned out really well. I posted a picture on my blog:


thanks so much for that great recipe.

Kathleen said...

Just to let you know, soy sauce is NOT gluten free. However you can make the dipping sauce with tamari sauce.

Gina said...

Kathleen - While there is some debate about whether the gluten in soy sauce is removed during the brewing process, I play it safe and use a wheat-free Tamari or Kikkoman gluten-free soy sauce. here is the product description on their website: http://www.kikkomanusa.com/homecooks/products/products_hc_details.php?pf=10106&fam=101

Be careful with Tamari - it's not always wheat-free!