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Sourdough Pizza Recipe with Sourdough and Yeast

I have been trying various methods of doing a fully sourdough-leavened pizza for awhile, but the timing is tricky.  I've started to just do a "hybrid" sourdough recipe that also uses yeast, and it's been fantastic.  I get the texture and flavor of sourdough while also having the benefits of the rising power and easier time management of baker's yeast.  This recipe offers a few different variations that makes it easy to work for a vegan crust. Here are Amazon USA links to some of the equipment used: Perforated Pizza Pan I use the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone which is amazing But I've also used less expensive pizza stones like this one Actually the least expensive pizza stone I ever had I sourced at a local restaurant supply store. I haven't invested in a Pizza Peel yet but I like the looks of this wooden one .  I also like the looks of this metal pizza peel with detachable wooden handle. And of course I have had my eye on an OONI PIZZA OVEN for awhile.  Is t