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Deluxe Pastry Flour Blend

Use this pastry flour blend for all pie crusts , pastries , and  waffles , or as an all-purpose flour. GF Pastry Flour Blend 150g white rice flour 50g sorghum flour 25g tapioca flour 25g potato starch 4g (1.5 tsp) xanthan gum Mix thoroughly. Total: 254g or a little less than 2 cups If you want a different amount of flour, you can multiply the amount or use these percentages:

Sourdough Pancakes

When I was growing up, my dad loved cooking sourdough bread.  Every Sunday he'd make sourdough pancakes with some of the cast-off starter.  They were amazing - kind of tart, but still kid-friendly because I loved them.  My dad had gotten the sourdough recipes from some neighbors growing up in the country.  Here's the original recipe he got typed up from the List family: I had to change a few things for the gluten-free version, but they are just as light and fluffy and tangy as I remember from the old days back home.