I like to eat well. When I realized that I would be leaving gluten behind for good, I took it as a culinary challenge. This blog documents the journey of invention that I've undertaken to find amazing food, create new recipes, and embrace the gluten-free lifestyle.

I strive for straightforwardness and simplicity in my recipes, although it's sometimes fun to do something complex.  This search for a simple way to substitute wheat flour for a gluten-free flour is what brought me to create my own proprietary flour blends that I could use cup-for-cup in all my old favorite recipes. Other gluten-free all-purpose flours didn't do what mine does - substituting by volume or weight, and having a full flavor profile while behaving nicely like good flour.

Now you can enjoy my creations as well.  I'm not just keeping them to myself.  You can purchase bags of my All-Purpose Flour and Pastry Flour, as well as various mixes in my online store.

Please enjoy!

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