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Fluffy White Bread, Gluten free, Vegan Recipe

 Fluffy, white, soft, flexible, light gluten-free bread. I've been using this recipe for about 10 years.  It's the recipe I pull out when I'm baking for a gluten eating crowd, because people always love it.  When my niece was young she would only eat white bread.  She could eat half a boule on her own.  Now I think she'd old enough that she only restrains herself out of politeness.  But that's how I know when something is really good, is when a kid who's too young to be polite, and normally eats gluten bread, will devour half a loaf.   I've tried many variations on this recipe .  It rarely fails, even with some wild ideas I've had.  I always get a really good rise and the dough is really nice to work with.  It's kneadable and shapeable.  If you're new to gluten-free but know bread baking, this is the recipe that you should start out with to try gluten-free because the process is relatively "normal."  It's a double rise, and it uses