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Hearty Blueberry Breakfast Muffin Recipe (Dairy-free)

I've been looking for an easy breakfast that's not too sugary, so I took a traditional muffin recipe and I cut the sugar in half.  I used a combination of high-protein, high-fiber flours for optimum nutrition.  I chose teff, buckwheat, and almond flour because I like their flavor, and I used my favorite all-purpose flour mix for the base.  If you've been wondering what I use for my all-purpose flour, you won't have to wonder much longer.  I have an announcement about that coming soon, where the gluten-free flour will be available to all!  I'm really excited about it, and I will tell you more very soon.  The gluten-free flour I use is really the best I've tried, and it gives everything you make a really traditional flavor and texture. Back to the muffins: if you don't have the whole-grain flours on hand, just substitute out any other whole-grain flour you like.  For that matter, if you don't have coconut milk or olive oil you can substitute reg