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Updated Boule Bread Recipe

This is a re-post of the 2-lb Boule Bread Recipe that I have updated with a better method for superior flavor and browning. Updated again on 7-16-2021 with some minor adjustments to ingredient amounts. For those who have been following my  gluten-free bread recipes , I'm giving you another in the series.  This one is very similar to the  Traditional Round Loaf  recipe, but you get a larger loaf, about a 2-lb.  This recipe uses my  Bread Flour  mix, or the Rustic White Bread Flour  blend, which are pretty simple to make.   Gluten-free Bread Recipe - Large Round Loaf makes one 2-lb round loaf Mix time: 10 minutes Rise time: 2-3 hours Cook time: 35-45 minutes Mix in the bowl of your stand mixer or whisk together by hand: 490g (about 2 to 2 1/4 cups) warm water, 110-120 degrees 27g whole psyllium husk (or 20g ground psyllium husk) Add to the bowl: 375g GF bread flour  (reserve an additional 75 grams for later in the recipe) 1

Last-minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Do you have a gluten-free person on your Christmas list?  Here are a few ideas on what to give them - or any foodie on your list - for the holidays: At the Book Store I always like  Joy of Cooking .  It's an invaluable reference for every kind of thing you can imagine cooking.  Many of the recipes in this blog are adapted from recipes in this book. I also love The Penguin Companion to Food .  It's a great reference for food nerds.  Do you want to know how pectin works?  Do you love terms like polysaccharide chain?  This is the book for you. Gluten-free Girl Every Day .  If you don't already have it, get it for yourself or a loved one!  It's available here in Portland at  Powell's , among other places online.  It's a useful recipe book to have. At the Kitchen Store For my Portland readers I highly recommend Kitchen Kaboodle .  They have a great selection, helpful staff, and they sell everything in their stores at 10% off MSRP.

Sale - Free Shipping!

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Gluten-free Scones

Scones are what got me into this mess.  They were like a gateway drug to gluten-free baking.  Now I can't stop.  Where will it end?  I'm up to long-ferment gluten-free sourdough bread. I have a feeling I will keep looking for more challenges.  But it all started with the simple scone.   The scones were so popular that I decided to sell a  scone mix .  It can be made with the traditional recipe, the vegan recipe, or the cream scone recipe. I ran across this Pinterest board on the topic the other day and thought it was genius.  In honor of the gluten-free scone I'd like to highlight a few scone recipes, old and new. Traditional scone recipe - gluten-free Scones: Vegan Scones: Citrus Glaze Savory Cheddar Scones from Gluten-free on a Shoestring Scones: Heart-shaped Cream Scones Scones from the Gluten-free Girl Scones: Whole-grain Blueberry Scones: Paleo Pumpkin Scones from Leigh Olson

Cyber Monday Sale! 30% Off Everything!

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