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Pumpernickel style Mock Rye Sourdough Bread

This recipe was made to evoke the dark, earthy flavors of rye bread, but without the gluten.    This flour blend was developed specifically for this recipe.  Here’s what each flour brings to the table. Brown teff - dark in color and complex in flavor, teff also gives bread a spongy and springy texture and helps with structure due to its high amount of protein and fiber. Ivory teff is a direct substitute for brown teff. Dark Buckwheat - this buckwheat is ground from the unhulled buckwheat groat.  It’s very high in fiber and protein.  It adds structure but it’s also very dense.  It adds a good whole-grain texture to the blend as well as darkening the color considerably. The flavor is intense and a little bitter. It balances out the sponginess of the teff by being a little dry when baked. If you would like to substitute with light buckwheat, my guess is that you'd have to reduce the total water by about 20g. Sorghum - this is a widely available grain that adds structure, f

Easy, Delicious Same-Day Sourdough Recipe

This bread came out exactly how I wanted it to: a caramelized, crisp, thin crust, a soft, open crumb with thin cell walls, and a light golden color that makes you think of butter.  I've been working toward this bread a long time but it was really so simple.  Just a few of the best flours blended just so, some sourdough starter at its peak, psyllium and salt.  I added a little sugar for a better rise and a darker crust.   I gave a piece of this bread to my husband to taste, and he said, "This is good.  It has a good mouth feel and good flavor.  It tastes like bread."  My husband eats gluten so that's a high compliment.   This recipe is one of the simplest gluten-free sourdough recipes because it only calls for three flours: ivory teff, millet, and tapioca starch.  It's also the fastest and easiest sourdough recipe I have created, and you can make it same day.  It is not a sour loaf, but instead has a lot of complex yeast flavors.  It has a light color and texture e