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Gluten-free Holiday Recipes

Here is a list of holiday classics that I have made wonderful for those who eat gluten-free - and for their families, too!   Gluten-free Gravy Dinner Rolls Gingerbread Cookies Traditional Stuffing Quick Bread Stuffing Butternut Squash Pie Pie Crust Turkey Soup Coq au Vin Baguettes

Gluten-free Gravy Tips and Recipe

I am a gravy lover. I get asked all the time what I do about gravy for the holidays, and I assure you that I don't go without.  If you like gravy but you have never made it gluten-free, here's what to do. Use a standard recipe like the one below or any from the  Joy of Cooking  - no need for a special technique, just sub out the glutenous flour for something safe. When selecting a GF flour for the recipe, be sure to avoid flour blends that already have thickeners like guar gum, xanthan gum, psyllium husk, flax seeds, or chia seeds.  These thickeners will clump up your gravy and make them much too thick.  I use my No. 1 All-Purpose Flour for gravy because it doesn't have any thickeners or additives, and can be subbed out cup-for-cup for "regular" flour. You can use a single flour like corn starch, which is a classic used by gluten eaters.  However, keep in mind that using a starch like corn starch or tapioca starch will give you a transluscent gravy.  A