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Easy Gluten-free Bread Flour Blend

I have been working to provide my readers and customers with some flour blend recipes so they can enjoy high-quality, home-cooked, gluten-free baked goods.  I have been trying to come up with some flour blends that are easy to make, take few ingredients, and are delicious as well. Find recipes in the Bread Tab .  It's easy to multiply the recipe to make a big batch if you measure by weight. This blend has a high concentration of whole grains.  If you would like a whiter flour, you can use these same ingredients to make my  Rustic White Bread Flour Blend .   Or, of course, you can  make your own bread blend! I use Bob's Red Mill gluten-free flours for my breads.  They are easy to find here in Portland, Oregon.  However, I chose this group of flours because they should be easy to find and inexpensive in many parts of the world.  If you try this blend with other brands of flour, please let me know how it works for you! Easy Gluten-free Bread Flour Blend Makes 450