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Vegan Teff Sandwich Bread Recipe

Years ago I posted the very popular Best Teff Sandwich Recipe.   That recipe uses xanthan gum and eggs, which some people can't do.  Here I have developed a recipe that's xanthan gum free, egg-free, and vegan.  Check out the Artisan Teff Bread Recipe if you'd like to use my bread flour blend . Vegan Teff Sandwich Bread Recipe Mix time: 10 minutes Rise time: 1.5-2 hours Bake time: 45-55 minutes In a medium bowl, mix together: 200g (1 1/4C) teff flour 100g (3/4 C) sorghum flour 75g (1/2 C) tapioca flour 75g (1/2 C) potato starch 24g (2 Tbsp) sugar 6g (1 tsp.) salt Set this mixture aside and in a large mixing bowl or the bowl of your stand mixer whisk together: 520g (2 1/3 C) warm water 30g (1/3 C) whole psyllium husk 2g (1 tsp.) yeast Set aside 50g (1/2 C) of the flour mixture and put the rest of the dry ingredients in the bowl with the wet ingredients.  Blend with a paddle or dough hook on your stand mixer, or blend with a wooden spoon, until the

Molten Mug Cakes in 30 Seconds

Sometimes you just need a chocolate treat.  This recipe, adapted from a recipe on A Beach Cottage , was just what I was looking for: used ingredients I already had, was easy to whip up in one cup, and had single serving portions.  The molten center didn't hurt. To make it quick and easy, I have given the ingredients in volume measurements.  It mixes up really fast, then cooks even faster.  It's the perfect recipe for one or two people (full disclosure: I made one for my boyfriend, then ate both servings myself.  Then I made another one later that night.) Molten Mug Cake Recipe