Gluten-free Flours

Getting great results from your gluten-free baking calls for the perfect blend of flours.  I spent a year developing my No. 1 All-Purpose Flour.  It's a blend of whole-grain and organic flours that gives you a baked product with a surprisingly traditional taste and texture.  I have had people eat my baked goods and tell me that they couldn't tell the difference between mine and "regular."  If you can't eat wheat, my perfect blends of GF flours will make baking easy again.  Just substitute cup-for-cup in all your traditional recipes.

I am now selling my No. 1 All-Purpose Flour and my No. 2 Deluxe Pastry Flour in 24-oz bags in my Etsy Shop.  Check back often for new products, as I will be adding to my inventory often.

Don't have an Etsy account?  Order Flours and mixes through my online store.

NEW!  I now have Bread Flour!  The No. 7 Artisan Bread Flour and the No.4 Rustic Boule Bread Mix are here just in time for the holidays.  You can make anything from classic dinner rolls to sandwich bread from these mixes.