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Gluten-free Baguettes, Quick and Easy

I know that I've got a good bread recipe if, after first tasting a loaf, my boyfriend immediately plans on making a sandwich out of it.  If the bread is just okay, I get an unconvincingly encouraging "That's good!"  If it's great, I get, "We could cook some bacon and make a BLT with melted cheese!"  Then, even if it's 11:00 at night after a heavy meal, he will make that sandwich. If you have been following my blog or Facebook lately, you know I've been obsessed with bread.  I've been making dozens of baguettes, trying to get it right. I got the recipe to work ages ago - but they didn't look that great.  I tried everything under the sun to get the crust to brown.  It's easy when you cook the loaf in a dutch oven like I do with my boule bread .  However, the baguettes are too long to fit in the pan.  Finally I figured out how to simulate the environment of a dutch oven without the dutch oven.  You just trap your steam with parchment

The Best Gluten-free Danishes

I've been working on this recipe for a while.  It was a request on a Facebook survey that I did last spring.  The fact that the request came from my mom inspired me more than a little, I guess.  I am taking some danishes over to my mom this afternoon for her to sample, and I'm so excited to see what she thinks.  I, for one, love these little treats. I modified this recipe from the Danish Pastry Dough recipe on Joe Pastry , a great resource for any technique that is pastry-related. Danish Recipe Makes 8-10 danishes. For this recipe you will need: - 225g  GF Bread Flour Blend - sugar - salt - psyllium husk - eggs - milk - apple cider vinegar - parchment paper - Cultured European style butter, preferably Lurpak - extra flour - I recommend potato starch This recipe takes several hours to make.  I recommend splitting it up into two days.  Any time the dough needs chilling you can extend that step overnight, as long as you wrap it in plastic so it doesn'