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Cheddar Jalepeño Sourdough Bread - Gluten-free Recipe

 Soft, fluffy bread imbedded with dollops of cheddar and rings of spicy jalepeño is perfect for making sandwiches or eating on its own with butter or olive oil. The base for this recipe is my famous Mild Country White Sourdough Bread , which was borne of the pandemic sourdough craze and seems to have legs.  It's the top post on my site most months and people have been using it as a base for many modifications.  Here I took some of the most popular modifications and then added cheddar and jalapeño inclusions to boot. Modifications from the original include: Slight reduction in starch content Increase in starter amount Decrease in total rise time Dough is easier to handle and shape It's even great without inclusions: Thanks go to: Michael Hollesen of OhAh Glutenfree for showing me that a big rise is possible in GF baking, and all the readers who have commented on the recipe and shared ideas with me, particularly on Roman Jan's Gluten-free Bread Home Baking Facebook group and