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What I Would Love for the Holidays

I've always envied people who have birthdays in the summertime.  Mine is in November.  While I covet the idea of having a birthday party in the garden,  I also relish the cozy world of birthdays in November.  Here was my best birthday gift: Yes, my boyfriend got me a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer.  It was mostly to avoid being asked to mix things like this bread by hand for ten minutes straight, but still.  It was the best present ever. Some other things I'm thankful for, or that I'd love to see under the Christmas tree, include:  

Traditional Bread Stuffing, Gluten-free

This holiday season you may find yourself craving a good old-fashioned stuffing with moist, fluffy bread cubes and lots of sage and thyme.  Well, you can have that.  Even if you're gluten-free. I had a few failures before I got the hang of making this recipe with gluten-free bread, so let me give you a few clues as to how this recipe is different than a regular one.  The first thing you should know is that the bread cubes may need to be cut smaller than with gluten-containing bread cubes, especially if the bread you are using is the very firm, heavy type of gluten-free bread.  That stuff can expand enormously, and  you end up with huge cubes once they absorb all the liquid, or dry hard-centered cubes if they don't absorb all the liquid.  Weigh the bread rather than trying to measure the cubes.  GF bread just doesn't have a consistent volume per variety so you can't measure by volume.  If your bread is very dry, you can skip the toasting.  The other thing that makes