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Beer Guide - a List of 16 Gluten-free Beers

One of the only things that I missed after going gluten-free was beer.  Just a few years ago when I quit gluten for good, there wasn't much to choose from as far as gluten-free beer was concerned.  Well, we've come a long way, baby.  Here's a list of all the gluten-free beers, from best to worst according to my personal preference. I'll list only beers that are commercially available in the Portland area, and most of them will be available beyond.  (Note that Deschutes gluten-free beer is only available at their brewery locations and isn't included on this list.  I've done a number of posts on it, so search "Deschutes" on this site for more information about it.)  I'll link to posts that I've written for more in-depth reviews.  I'll also make this page a tab at the top of my blog for easy access. #1 Green's Quest Trippel Blonde Ale - A complex Belgian ale #2 Green's Endeavor Dubbel Dark Ale - A fruity dark Belgian ale #3

Eating Friendly Reviews Gluten-free Gourmand Flours and Mixes

I'll let fellow blogger Rebecca Clark do the heavy lifting today with her insightful review of my flour mixes and Pastry Flour.  Plus get a delicious dairy-free recipe for carrot cake with vegan cream cheese frosting!  Head over to Eating Friendly for the recipe and review. Read a review of my Pancake Mix at Eating Friendly

No-bake Peanut Butter Balls

I had a craving for peanut butter and flax.  I can't explain it.   I'd been tasting some flax seeds because the package claimed that Romans used to snack on them like nuts.  I guess I wanted to pass my summer like a Roman, lounging around snacking on flax seed and having someone fan me.  Well, I haven't found anyone to fan me yet, but I can do the flax seed in style. Here's the concept: packed with protein and fiber, these tiny snacks will make you feel full for longer than a sugary bar.  (I happened to have some Chia Seed on hand, which has even more fiber than flax seed, so I used both.  However, you can use just flax in this recipe if you'd like.)  Plus you can make them in minutes and they are good finger-food.  I didn't make mine too sugary because I don't like things that spike my blood sugar.  That's so hard to find in a snack!  Also, this snack is vegan, vegetarian, raw, dairy free.... Well, you get the point. Here's how you do it: R

Fresh Berry Italian Soda

Need to beat the heat?  Here are five easy steps to quenching your thirst: 1. Go to the farmers market.  Get some berries. 2.  Put some ice, sugar, and the berries in a glass.   3. Muddle. 4. Fill the glass with San Pellegrino. 5. Enjoy!

The First Ripe Tomato 2012

Every year, I try to record my first ripe garden tomato.  Here are my results for the last few years: 2011 - August 5th 2010 - July 23rd 2009 - July 17th 2008 - Sometime in September (I got my garden in late) In 2009 I had a bumper crop.  I had tomatoes ripening as soon as July 17th.  Well, this year is looking promising.  I have at least two ripening tomatoes - and it's not even the 4th of July! These are Sungold tomatoes - they're small, they ripen early, and they are bright orange.  They are amazing in salad .  Since I discovered them, they have been my first tomatoes to ripen every year.  They are incredibly high producers and they are indeterminate - which means they flower continuously throughout the season.  Flavor-wise they can't be beat. I had a few other things to harvest today.  My artichokes are the envy of my community garden. They were delicious with dinner tonight.  Here was the rest of my harvest: My lettuce is starting to bolt finally, and

Easy, Fresh Gluten-free Pasta Recipe

It's summer, and everyone is trying to think of ways to keep their kitchen cool but still make decent meals.  The best thing about fresh pasta is you only need to cook it for 2-4 minutes.  Easy!  Top it with cilantro pesto if you don't want to cook a sauce.  I've made fresh pasta with my amazingly versatile  Deluxe Pastry Flour  several times and thought I'd share the recipe.  This pasta is strong enough to make ravioli with, or any flat pasta shape, rolling out or in a machine.  I prefer to roll it out - I think it's easier and faster. I've heard it's a saying that "If you want to taste butter, eat a croissant .  If you want to taste grain, eat pasta." Well, this recipe puts my  Deluxe Pastry Flour  to the test.  You can really taste the blend of flours.  And it tastes beautiful. I decided to make a tagliatelle style hand-cut pasta with extra-wide noodles.  I love wide noodles!  Next time, I won't go quite so wide, though. Fresh Pa