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Gluten-free Pie Crust Recipe

I have found that gluten-free crusts aren't too difficult.  What helps to make them easy is, ironically, their lack of gluten. Wheat-based pie crusts are very finicky.  They have to be rolled out correctly the first time or the gluten is developed and the crust becomes tough.  GF crusts don't have this issue. What makes gluten-free crusts tricky is that they tend to crumble and break apart.  However, you can try rolling them out as many times as you like.  If mine doesn't roll out correctly on the first go I just fold it over onto itself and roll it out again.  You can do this many times for a really flaky, layered pastry.  Or, if all else fails, you can just press it into the pan. The hardest part of making pie crusts for me is the timing and the temperature of the ingredients.  You have to keep the bowl, the ingredients, and the blade cold if you don't want to have your dough turn out like this disaster : Don't. There is a lot of waiting and refrigerat

GF Gourmand's Gluten-free Gift Ideas

Need some gift ideas for a gluten-free person in your life?  Here are some practical suggestions for things to give or read this holiday season. This holiday season, get your friends and loved ones something they can cherish forever: a book.   The Essential Gluten-free Restaurant Guide by TriumphDining . Know someone with a new baby in their life?  Get them the Eco-nomical Baby Guide: down-to Earth Ways to Save Money and the Planet , written by the authors of . Not that they need more press in this circle of friends, but this one is on my wish list: Gluten-free Girl and the Chef Have gluten-free friends?  If they are new to the diet, it's likely they will need some new kitchen equipment to help them in their new culinary pursuits.  Here are some things I've always desired: Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer Chantal 8-inch Omelette Pan You can find these and other culinary tools in Portland or online at Kitchen Kaboodle . Or, if your GF friend isn&#

St. Peters Sorghum Beer

One of the only things I miss about eating gluten isn't about eating at all: it's about drinking beer.  I'm always on the lookout for new gluten-free beers, which is why I was eager to try St. Peter's. I enjoyed drinking this beer.  It stands out against other gluten-free lagers for being higher quality, hoppier, and cleaner.   The hoppiness plays nicely against the inevitable metallic flavor that sorghum imparts on a beer. The description on the bottle reads: "A clean, crisp beer with a pilsner style lager finish and aromas of citrus and mandarin from American Amarillo hops.  Made from Sorghum, not wheat or barley.  Brewed with skill and patience in Britain's finest small brewery." I've found St Peter's Sorghum Beer at various GF-friendly grocery stores in the Portland area selling for $6.99.  When weighing the price, keep in mind these factors: 1) It's gluten-free. 2) It's imported. 3) It's from the UK.  They not only ma