Saturday, August 7, 2010

Deschutes Brewery Gluten-free Beer

Deschutes Brewery has switched over from the Gluten-free ESB to a Gluten-free Ale.  My server described it as a "wheat-style beer."  Of course, as with all the Deschutes Brewery GF beers, it contains no wheat.

This beer has the smoothest aftertaste of any sorghum beer I have ever tasted.  There is only a hint of that metallic aftertaste that you get from most gluten-free beers.  Run out and try it soon, or I may drink it all myself!  I got a growler today to enjoy over the weekend.

I'll post again when I have an official description of this new gluten-free beer.

Have you been to Deschutes lately?  What do you think of their gluten-free beer?