Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gluten-free Restaurant List for Portland

I went to Australia earlier this year and did quite a bit of research before I left.  Local blogs in Melbourne and Sydney proved to be really helpful, along with dining sites that had gluten-free search options.  I thought I'd give back to the community by making a traveler's dining guide for Portland.  I'll only list the restaurants that I have personally eaten at and which have strong adherence to gluten-free safety.  There's a more comprehensive list over at Gluten-free Portland dot org.

New Cascadia Traditional Bakery - This dedicated gluten-free bakery serves bread, pastries, coffee, pizzas, and sandwiches.

Tula Bakery - An excellent dedicated gluten-free bakery in Northeast Portland.

Hawthorne Fish House - Almost all the food served at this establishment is gluten-free.  See the full review here.

Deschutes Brewery - They bake their own gluten-free buns and bread sticks in a separate kitchen, and they brew their own gluten-free beer!

Iorio Restaurant - This Italian restaurant serves GF pasta as well as a whole host of other Italian dishes you've been craving!  Their fryer is dedicated gluten-free, so feel free to indulge in the calamari.  See a full restaurant review here.

Andina - Peruvian food with a full gluten-free menu.  See full review here.

Fratelli Cucina - I found Fratelli Cucina through Triumph Dining's The Essential Gluten-free Restaurant Guide.  Our server was gluten intolerant himself, so he really took care of us.  They are not a dedicated gluten-free establishment, but they have both risotto and polenta on the menu that are typically made gluten-free.

Clyde Common - This is a trendy upscale establishment downtown.  See the full review here.

Mississippi Pizza - Gluten-free pizza baked in a dedicated oven and GF beer.

Dick's Kitchen - They can serve any of their burgers or sandwiches on a gluten-free bun.  See the full review here.

There are many more out there, and I'll be sure to update this list as I try new places.  For a list of additional restaurants with gluten-free options, click here.


l'actrice said...

I see myself moving to Portland! I don't have that many places in LA:-)

Gina said...

It's nice to have a whole list of places to go the city where you live! I'm really lucky to live in Portland.

David said...

Very nice..........
Thanks for Sharing this information. Now whenever I go to the Portland and want to go there to taste the gluten free diet.
Gluten Free

Anonymous said...

I have Celiacs and have been poisoned at Dick's Kitchen. Mississippi Pizza and Clyde Common cannot and do not accommodate those with Celiacs -- too much cross contamination and no interest in making it better.

Gina said...

Thanks for that input! It's true that Dick's and Clyde Common do not have any separate cooking spaces for prevention of cross-contamination. That's definitely something to consider when choosing a restaurant.