Thursday, July 12, 2012

No-bake Peanut Butter Balls

I had a craving for peanut butter and flax.  I can't explain it.   I'd been tasting some flax seeds because the package claimed that Romans used to snack on them like nuts.  I guess I wanted to pass my summer like a Roman, lounging around snacking on flax seed and having someone fan me.  Well, I haven't found anyone to fan me yet, but I can do the flax seed in style.
Here's the concept: packed with protein and fiber, these tiny snacks will make you feel full for longer than a sugary bar.  (I happened to have some Chia Seed on hand, which has even more fiber than flax seed, so I used both.  However, you can use just flax in this recipe if you'd like.)  Plus you can make them in minutes and they are good finger-food.  I didn't make mine too sugary because I don't like things that spike my blood sugar.  That's so hard to find in a snack!  Also, this snack is vegan, vegetarian, raw, dairy free.... Well, you get the point.

Here's how you do it:

Recipe for No-bake Peanut Butter Balls

In your coffee mill, grind until fine:

Golden Flax Seed

Remove the flax to a bowl and set aside. Then, grind until fine:

Chia Seed

Remove ground chia seed to a separate bowl.  Mix in:

Peanut butter (about an equal volume as the chia)
a dash of Sugar (omit if your peanut butter already has it)
a pinch of Salt (omit if your peanut butter already has it)

Mix those three ingredients together well.  Taste it and adjust flavor as needed.  When the mix has the right taste and texture, form small balls by rolling the peanut butter mixture in between your palms.

When you have a round ball, place it in the bowl with the ground flax seed and roll it to coat.  Roll it between your palms again to press the flax into the peanut butter.  Roll that ball in the flax again and repeat until the ball will not take any more flax seed coating, then form your additional balls in the same manner.

You can refrigerate the Peanut Butter Balls to make them more firm, or you can store them at room temperature.


The Healthy Apple said...

Yummy; these look great!

Gina said...

Thank you! They are so easy too!

Michele said...

I just tried this tasty recipe, and I thought I would share my experience. First of all, a coffee mill is definitely a must. I tried the mini bowl of my food processor first, and it did nothing to the chia seeds. I also bought ground flax seeds, but I ended up having to grind them anyway since it was too coarse.

If anyone is interested in knowing, a 2 cup batch makes about 30 tablespoon sized balls, which contain roughly 75 calories each.

I added more than a dash of sugar, maybe a heaping tablespoon, since I wanted something more dessert-like.
I'd be curious to hear from anyone who adds a little cocoa powder to the mix!

Gina said...

Michele - Thanks for your comments! I have tried to grind chia seed in a food processor too, with as little luck as you had. The coffee mill does a really quick, thorough job. Thanks for the measurements! This is a recipe that I always just measure visually. Cocoa powder would be a great addition!