Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seven Virtues Serves GF Sandwiches

Walk to the corner of NE 60th and Glisan and you'll see something that catches your eye: a sign out front of Seven Virtues lets passers-by know that they now serve gluten-free sandwiches.  Upon further investigation, it turn out that they can serve their grilled sandwiches on New Cascadia Traditional flax bread.  I was pretty excited about this turn of events so I had to sample a sandwich right away.  I got the North Tabor which has turkey, pesto and cheese.

But first, I asked a few questions.  The man taking my order that day was one of the owners, and he was very helpful.  I asked if they grill the GF sandwiches on a dedicated grill, and he replied that they don't have demand or space for a dedicated grill right now, but they can give the grill a thorough cleaning before they make the gluten-free sandwiches.  They also use a separate cutting board and knife for prepping the GF stuff.  He told me that the sandwich would take a little longer than regular, because the GF bread takes longer to grill.

This ended up being true, but I was still very pleased with my sandwich once it arrived.  Another thing that pleased me is that Seven Virtues is also selling a wider selection of gluten-free pastries now, including several things from Petunia's Pies and Pastries, a new baking company which I previously reviewed here.  Almost all of the pastries that Petunia's makes are gluten-free and vegan.  Now my only complaint is that Seven Virtues now closes at five, which means I can't go there for a sandwich every day after work!