Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The First Ripe Tomato 2012

Every year, I try to record my first ripe garden tomato.  Here are my results for the last few years:

2011 - August 5th
2010 - July 23rd
2009 - July 17th
2008 - Sometime in September (I got my garden in late)

In 2009 I had a bumper crop.  I had tomatoes ripening as soon as July 17th.  Well, this year is looking promising.  I have at least two ripening tomatoes - and it's not even the 4th of July!
These are Sungold tomatoes - they're small, they ripen early, and they are bright orange.  They are amazing in salad.  Since I discovered them, they have been my first tomatoes to ripen every year.  They are incredibly high producers and they are indeterminate - which means they flower continuously throughout the season.  Flavor-wise they can't be beat.

I had a few other things to harvest today.  My artichokes are the envy of my community garden.
They were delicious with dinner tonight.  Here was the rest of my harvest:
My lettuce is starting to bolt finally, and this onion that I planted a year and a half ago finally decided to get big enough to pick. 

As you can see, the garden has been so productive that it's time to weed again.  I better get on it!

Is your garden doing well this year, or have you had problems with the heat?  I know in the Pacific Northwest we have been pretty sheltered from the excessive heat of the rest of the country.  I hope everyone else's gardens are going well!