Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Request a Gluten-free Recipe!

What kind of recipe would you like to have in gluten-free form?

Last spring I took a poll on my Facebook page asking what kind of GF recipes people wanted to see on my blog.  I had some really intense challenges set before me, things that were highly technical and required a steep learning curve.  You know, the kinds of challenges that I love to take on.  Nine batches of croissants later at 22 hours per batch, and I had my first recipe challenge completed.  That was only the beginning.  I quickly realized that a whole new flour formula would be needed.  Croissants, technically, are a bread, not a pastry, and the ultimate request came from my mom, who wanted Danishes.  Who can deny their mom cheese Danishes?

My gluten-free challenges last year made for some really prolific recipe invention.  I made a bread flour blend, learned how to make laminated pastries, and made the best-looking, fluffiest, hole-i-est gluten-free baguettes you've ever seen.

Here was the list of gluten-free recipes requested last spring:

I got six out of eight of those checked off the list.  The remaining two get moved to my new list, which is growing.

Recipe Request List:

Cinnamon Rolls
Easy crescent rolls
Soft Pretzels
Pain au Chocolat

What would you like to add to my to-do list?  Or, is there something you think I should work on first?  Leave it in the comments!

As an added bonus, I'll promise to post a requested recipe next Wednesday - or at least a humorous status report on my failure to produce instant results.


Christi said...

Fluffy breakfast biscuits -- the buttermilk biscuit variety. I've tried a couple of mixes, but they've all had that sort of metallic, I-know-this-is-gluten-free, yucky sort of aftertaste.

Gina said...

Biscuits! That's a good one. That will definitely go on the list.

Dana said...

Yes yes yes biscuits please! Would love a recipe for soft fluffy hamburger buns.

Gina said...

I'm thinking biscuits might be near the top of the list. I made hamburger buns once, but they were just okay. Not blog-worthy yet. I'll work on that one too!