Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gluten-free Bread Made in Carson City, Nevada!

I don't exactly think of Carson City, Nevada as a gluten-free mecca. While my relatives there are very supportive of my diet and have made wonderful meals for me, when I travel back to Carson City to visit I always wonder what exactly I'm going to end up eating when I go out on the town. Well, no more! I found out by accident that Carson City has some of the best wheat-free, gluten-free bread I've ever tasted.
The City Cafe Bakery at 701 S. Carson Street is the producer of this fine GF product. They make a whole host of gluten-free treats, including sandwiches, scones, and muffins. They bake the bread on-site, and they sell it by the loaf. Loaves come sliced, frozen, and unlabeled. My stepmother Penny helped me vet the bread, and she said that she tasted corn flour. I called to get the list of ingredients, and corn starch is definitely in there. The bread also contains eggs and milk.

Penny noted that the bread is much lighter than most GF breads. In fact, I think it's the lightest, softest bread that I've had since going on the gluten-free diet. It has a very good texture, and it is more flexible than most breads I've tried. It is similar to Angeline's "Just Right White Rice Bread" that I reviewed in my post "Loaves for the Starving," although it is not quite as sweet (which I think is a plus).

The only quibbles I have are:

- They only sell the loaves frozen.
- The bread has a bit of a starchy aftertaste.
- The slices are a bit on the small side.
- The bakery ran out of their GF scones and muffins so I couldn't try any.
- It was difficult to get the list of ingredients, but they finally did call me back.

Overall, this is a very good bread! I'm relieved that it's available for my enjoyment for whole loaves or for sandwiches in the cafe whenever I go to Carson City.


l'actrice said...

The bread from the City Cafe Bakery sounds really yummy!

just2girls said...

unfortunatley the carson city bakery closed recently but the baker form there sitll sell the bread scones cookies and all other g free products by ordering.

Gina said...

Just2girls, that's good to know! Thanks for the update - I haven't been back there since I wrote this post!