Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quick Dinner Options

For participation in my first "What's for Dinner? Wednesday," I am going to just give one basic quick-and-dirty idea for an easy dinner: soup and a sandwich. Throw in a salad, too, if you feel like it!

Tonight I had a grilled-cheese sandwich with Manchego cheese (purchased at New Seasons) made with Angeline's Just Right White Rice Bread (see my bread review here). I always butter the bread and grill the sandwich open-faced on a cast-iron skillet. This bread gets nice and golden brown when cooked this way. I served this lovely yet simple sandwich with Progresso New England Clam Chowder soup. I have read many a soup label at the store, and Progresso is one of the very few brands that thickens its chowder with corn starch rather than wheat flour. The only down side to this soup for me is that it contains MSG.

Was this a healthy meal? No. Was it quick and delicious? Yes.

Here is an idea for a dairy-free alternative: make a BLT on Ener G Tapioca bread. Serve with Amy's split-pea soup. This meal feels like a luxurious feast if it has been months or years since you have had a BLT. Sandwiches are a rare commodity for the gluten-free!

Thanks to the Gluten-Free Homemaker for hosting this What's for Dinner? Wednesday blog carnival!


Linda said...

I find that even gf bread that's not so great is good in a grilled cheese sandwich. I didn't know that about Progresso. I'll have to take a look at their soups.

Thanks for joining What's for dinner Wednesday!

Liz said...

Oooh yum. And thanks for the dairy-free option! I do love BLT's :)

I'll have to partake in this "What's for Dinner Wednesday's!"

Melanie (Allergy Family) said...

That sounds delicious. I will have to try the grilled cheese for my little guy. He isn't fond of soup, so we pass up on that, lol.

Cheryl said...

Soup and sandwich is one of my favorite dinners!

Rebecca said...

I'm surprised that so many canned soups use flour as thickener. That will probably change as more and more people embrace gluten-free diets.

Soup recipes often start by having you make a roux. I usually skip that step, especially if it is a naturally thick soup like roasted carrot or potato. Another tip I read is to add a potato to the soup, then take it out and smash it with a spoon once it's cooked to thicken the broth.

Of course, this comment has nothing to do with buying gluten-free canned soups. Sorry.

Gina said...

Rebecca - Your culinary expertise is always appreciated. I agree that potato soups seem to thicken themselves, but most commercial and restaurant soups are thickened with wheat flour, whether they need it or not. It's a major hazard!

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting.

Anonymous said...

I've been pleased to find Progresso soups tend to label if they contain wheat or barley. I wish they would just put that big ol' gluten free tag after the ingredients, if Wal-mart can do it shouldn't the rest be able to? Anyhow, you gotta love a quick easy meal-toasted cheese is a family favorite!

Absolutely Not Martha said...

hi! just wanted to mention that I’m doing a post about favorite gluten free food products on absolutely not martha. I’d LOVE to hear what yours is--just leave me a comment (if you haven’t already).

l'actrice said...

Sounds delicious and so easy to do!