Recipe for Easy Chilaquiles with Chorizo (or without)

On weekends, I like to have some kind of hearty egg dish for brunch. As my loyal readers may have gathered by now, I love Mexican food. Combine brunch and Mexican food, and what you get is chilaquiles.

Similar to migas, chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican dish served in the morning using the leftovers from last night's cooking. It is pretty simple, and usually involves corn tortillas, enchilada sauce, cheese, and egg. I make it with tortilla chips instead of corn tortillas when that's all that I have around. If you do make it with tortillas, let them fry a bit in with the chorizo or in oil before adding the other ingredients. I don't really measure anything when I cook this, so all quantities are approximate. I tried to get a good photo of each step this time to give you a visual of the quantities. This "recipe" is one serving. The timing is more crucial than the quantities on this one, as you don't want the tortilla chips to be too cruchy or too soggy when you're done. Let me know if this method of conveying the recipe works for you.

You can use canned enchilada sauce, but I prefer to make my own. Enchilada sauce can be as simple as chile powder and water. youcan also use tomato juice, but I prefer using something that has little to no sugar. I just mix the powder with the liquid, adding more of one or the other until it comes to the right consistency. I used about 2 Tbsp of medium chile powder for this recipe. The spiciness is regulated by the type of chile powder you get.

I make my chilaquiles with chorizo, but it is just as legitimate to cook it vegetarian - just use some vegetable oil in the pan and skip the meat step.

First, heat up your large cast-iron skillet in medium-high. When it's up to temperature, cook up the:

Have all your ingredients prepped by the time the chorizo is almost done. Add to the skillet in this order:

a handful of tortilla chips, broken up a bit
chopped tomatoes (optional - and non-traditional)
2 eggs

3 Tbsp enchilada sauce

Immediately stir everything around. It should start cooking together right away. Add:

about 1/4 cup shredded cheese

Cook until the egg is done, the cheese is melted, and everything is combined. Serve on a warm plate.


Jennifer said…
That looks so yummy! I've never heard of this before, and being a fellow fan of mexican food, I think I'll be trying this.
Carrie said…
oh my goodness! I have been looking for a chilaquiles recipe for YEARS... wow! Look what you are doing to my diet already! ;-P This looks really delish!!

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