Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Energ-G White Rice Spaghetti Product Review

For last week in my What's for Dinner? Wednesday post I made Pasta Carbonara on some Ener-G White Rice Spaghetti that I'd just found. I promised to write a review of that pasta, and here it is! For more ideas and recipes visit Linda at the Gluten-free Homemaker.

The pasta size is more like spaghettini or thin spaghetti, which I have always liked. It's a difficult size to find gluten-free, so you can understand my excitement in finally coming across it. In addition, I've been trying to seek out more white rice pastas here in the U.S. - they have some really good ones in Italy. The only other white rice pasta I've found was the Tinkyada brand that I reviewed a while back. My very first blog post was a review of several different kinds of gluten-free pasta, but none of them was a white rice pasta.

Overall, I liked the Tinkyada white rice pasta a little better, in spite of the fact that Tinkyada's pasta doesn't come in a thin spaghetti style. I found the Ener-G pasta to be a little bit rough in texture for a white rice pasta, especially when cooked al dente. I could even see little scales on the surface of the pasta, like the scales on wool. When cooked more thoroughly, however, this pasta was very good and lost most of its roughness. It had a pleasant, neutral flavor and handled well - it didn't break or gum up like some gluten-free pastas do.

I would try this pasta again. It's a little hard to find in the store - the only place I've come across it was in the Bob's Red Mill store out in Milwaulkee Oregon. What really excites me about this pasta is that it also comes in a vermicelli style, which should be even thinner. I will probably have to order this online as I don't think any stores in this area carry it.


Emilia said...

Have you tried any brown rice pasta? I don't know if something like that is available in the US, but I would imagine if we have it here, then it would be available in bigger countries too.

I prefer brown rice pasta, it has much more flavour than white rice pasta, in my opinion anyway. Although I must say that I was used to eating whole wheat pasta before going gluten-free, maybe that affects my opinion :)

Gina said...

Emilia - Brown rice pasta is very easy to find here. I eat it on occasion, but I've just never liked the texture of whole-grain pasta, wheat or wheat-free. White rice pasta is kind of hard to find here for some reason, but in Europe it's what's most common. How about England? Is one more common than the other?

Linda said...

I miss the thin spaghetti too. Thanks for the review.

JennK/CinnamonQuill said...

Oooo! Thank you for the review, I have been wondering about this pasta but have been hesitant to buy it, now I will give it a try.

Gluten Prude said...

I love white rice pasta! Why don't more brands make it? Ener-G is an interesting company. Their products are very hit-or-miss. I'll have to try this spagettini - that's my favorite shape.