Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Starbuck's Little Orange Cakes

Today was the Starbucks debut of the Valencia Orange Cake. I was surprised they hadn't sold out by 4 o'clock when I went there to pick up three to try. I thought my co-workers might help me taste-test them. Nate and Becca like to cook and eat - they are gourmands by my standards. I thought they might have some added input for my review since they are both gluten-eaters.

I returned to work and distributed the surprise treats. Mine was unwrapped and consumed within minutes. Nate unwrapped his and took a bite.

"Pretty good," he said. "Is that corn flour?"

I checked the ingredients. No corn flour.

"That texture might be almond flour," I theorized.

Becca unwrapped her cake.

"Yeah, pretty good!" she said.

So there you have it. It's pretty good and we ate ours before I thought to take a picture, which means something around here because I work in a photo lab. I'm always thinking about pictures.

Upon further prodding, Nate added that the cakes are awesome, and that he wouldn't have known they were gluten-free.

Some surprises:
- It was only $1.95!
- It wasn't too sweet.
- The feel of it was soft and moist.
- It wasn't overwhelmingly orangey, but rather balanced.

If you want to know more about how the cakes are made, click here.


Endless Possibilities said...

Great review and I love the input from your friends!

Gluten Prude said...

I really liked the Valencia Orange cake from Starbuck's, too! I agree it wasn't too sweet.

Cinde said...

Kudos to Starbucks! I can't wait for my 6 year to taste one. There are so few treats that I can buy for her when we are out.


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