Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's For Dessert? Wednesday: Creme Caramel

Thanks to Linda from the Gluten-free Homemaker for hosting the What's for Dinner? Wednesday (Gluten-free Style) carnival blog. This week's theme is dessert, my favorite part of any meal.

Now, don't get me wrong; I don't really like sugary/sweet things. I like my desserts to taste like their ingredients, not like sugar. Cooking gluten-free can be hard for me because I often find that I can't cut out as much sugar from a recipe as I used to when I used wheat flour. Fortunately, there are still several recipes that I have always loved that I never had to change when I went gluten-free.

I already have a pretty good collection of recipes for sweets on this blog, but I thought I'd share my Creme Caramel Recipe today. It's naturally gluten-free, and there are some variations too. Most notably, there is a pumpkin variation. It's amazing!


Miss A said...

I am not a sweet gal but this actually looks good! and that photo is amazing!!

Cheryl said...

Oooo dessert. I have a sweet tooth I'm trying to conquer.

Amy Green said...

I love all things pumpkin and love the variation...this looks great. I wonder if I could substitute agave or some other sweetner.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl and I are in the same boat! :) I do love that these are naturally gluten free.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of desserts, this is almost a non-sequitor but it is also a public service to the gluten free community. NadaMoo Ice Cream has been officially certified Gluten Free. I had mentioned on a previous post that the Chocolate Mint version quoted chocolate chips sourced from barley grain. According to the GFCO NadaMoo claims to have resourced the chocolate chips although they have not as yet updated their packaging.

This may not be a big deal to you if you are not a sweet eater, but it is to me, especially as it is sweetened with Agave Nectar and I can't keep it in the freezer with an Omnivore husband in the house. It's another win for the GF community.

Oh, and Betty Crocker just released some GF mixes to the general public. I haven't tried them yet as I live in the back of nowhere but if you are a dessert freak you might want to check them out.

Mikki Black said...

No way, you have a camera shop?! That's awesome!

I looked to see if I had any dishes that would work to try your recipe, and a found 1 custard cup. Who has 1 custard cup?!?! Seriously. I think there have been bandits in my kitchen.

Gina said...

Mikki -

Small glass or ceramic bowls will work, too. You just have to watch the cooking time if you use different size cups - each one might take a different cooking time.

I don't own "my" camera shop - I just feel very possessive of it. I run the photo lab there. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a little camera for you!

Gina said...

What most people don't realize about custards is that they don't have to be too sweet! On this one, for example, the caramel sauce gets less sweet the more you cook it. You can burn the caramel sauce slightly for an interesting flavor. Burnt sugar is delicious! Also, the higher fat content of my recipe creates a mix of ingredients that thickens nicely without a lot of sugar. I reduced the sugar dramatically from the original Joy of Cooking recipe that I started with. That's the reason I like it!