Monday, August 3, 2009

Yet Another Garden Update

I should start calling this the Gluten-free Garden Blog.

I'm continuing to be amazed at what my garden is producing this year. Last year I waited until the end of September to get any tomatoes - then some pests ate my first ones! This year I got my garden in much earlier, and voila! Tomatoes galore in mid-July. Here is what I harvested today: four lemon cucumbers and all these tomatoes of different varieties. There were Sun Golds, Sweet 100's, some romas (they are coming out very small) and a bloody Butcher (also small).
There's also lots of basil and other herbs that are doing well.

One of my tomato plants is suffering from blossom-end rot. It's an Opalka tomato plant.
I'm planning on putting some lime down to combat it, but it's weird; the blossom-end rot is only happening on 1/2 of this one plant. All my other tomatoes are fine! Not that I'm complaining.

How have you handled blossom-end rot or other tomato ailments?


Jen said...

My mother-in-law told me that if birds or other pests get to your tomatoes, hang little red christmas balls on them -you know the ornaments? In the same shape as your tomatoes. Then they will peck at those and go away...that's her experience, at least. For the rot situation, I really don't know. My biggest problem is bird poop! I keep them up on my balcony.

I am so jealous of all your tomatoes. I'm planting more for sure next year. I want those little ones. :)

Gina said...

Jen, that's a great idea about the ornaments as decoys! I don't have as many pests this year due to a cat moving in next door, but I'll try that if I have problems.

The little tomatoes are very productive, and tend to do well in more difficult conditions. I recommend trying them!

Rebecca said...

Add dolomite lime to the soil to correct blossom end rot.

My tomatoes are the opposite of yours. They are HUGE. I just made gazpacho out of three tomatoes. They were over a pound EACH!

Jen said...

Hi again, I've tagged you in tomorrow's post on my blog. You don't have to play along, but I wanted to let you know. :)

l'actrice said...

Lucky you! You got so many tomatoes:-)

Linda said...

I've never heard of lemon cucumbers. I had blossom end rot one year because we weren't consistent with watering. Lots of water/no water can also cause it. That's weird that it's only half of one plant! Enjoy your produce.

Gina said...


Lemon cucumbers are little yellow round-ish cucumbers. When cut, their cross-section is has a beautiful scallop. I think they taste mostly like regular cucumbers, but they are cuter. Sometimes I think that I detect a hint of citrus in their scent, but that could just be the power of suggestion.

I have been watering my plants pretty consistently, so my theory is that there is some sort of soil imbalance going on. It's not really serious, but I'm planning on adding some lime. I'll post again once I see if it works. Thanks for the input!

I Am Gluten Free said...

Ooooooh. I know what I'd do with those tomatoes - I'd make homemade sun-dried tomatoes. What do you think? Have you ever tried to make your own?


Gina said...

I actually just thought of making sun-dried tomatoes the other day when I read Linda's post about it on the Gluten-free Homemaker. I think I'll try it. I wonder if I can do little sun-dried tomatoes with the cherry tomatoes?