Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Garden

Last year by this time I had done plenty of posts about my garden.  This year I haven't done one until today.  I have a community garden plot this year and it is a brand new garden; last year the space was a parking lot.  On top of the challenge of starting with fresh beds, my garden hasn't liked the cool wet summer we've had this year.  My tomatoes are kind of sad, even though some of them have fruit on them.  This is my Sun Gold tomato plant:
 It was just too cool for them in June.  This was my Sun Gold plant in the middle of July last year:
 I already had ripe ones!  You can see last July's garden post here to compare.

I have had better luck this year with more cold-loving crops.  This pretty volunteer has already been eaten.
Tonight I thinned some of my rainbow carrots.   They are doing so well that even the little ones I was thinning out are big enough to eat - even if they are only a nibble.  These will be my snack tonight.

Last year my carrots didn't thrive.  I didn't have this many by fall.  At least one thing is doing well this year!

There is hope.  I must have planted this tomato at just the right time, because it's the only one that's thriving.  It's a Mr. Stripey.
It's growing bigger every day.  I just hope I get tomatoes by October a this rate!

How is your garden doing this year?