Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hawthorne Fish House Gluten-free Restaurant Review

 I have been hearing about the Hawthorne Fish House for a long time, and I finally got over there to try some gluten-free fish 'n chips for the first time in August.  Almost everything on their menu is gluten-free! The deep-fried fish is coated with some tasty rice flour.  I got the halibut.
My friend got the Chile-fried Catfish, which was even better than mine, but I didn't have an opportunity to get a shot of that before it was completely devoured.  I really liked the spicy breading.  They have several gluten-free beers in bottles - including all three styles of Green's.

Hawthorne Fish House has a very clearly-marked menu that has notes on what is and isn't gluten-free.  The restaurant has a very clever strategy for presenting their fish as not only the healthiest, but also the best in Portland.  Here's a little of what they say about their food:

"It's no accident we have Portland's Best Fish & Chips. Besides top quality fish and the best French fries on the market, we use 100% rice bran oil. The tastiest of all the cooking oils, it's not hydrogenated and contains no trans-fats. We filter the oil twice a day to keep it clean."

Overall, I think the food here was very good.  I ate out on the patio because it was summertime, which I was glad of.  The atmosphere inside was a bit on the drab side.  The food was really worth it, though.  I recommend it!


l'actrice said...

Wow! Gluten-free fish 'n chips! I never had that:-)

Gina said...

It's really good, Iris! If you ever come to Portland there are all kinds of gluten-free things to try. The rice flour breading they use on the fish 'n chips at this restaurant is really good. Rice flours fries up nicely.

Amy said...

Thanks for the review. I have been wanting to try them for a long time. Sadly, with 2 young kid, we don't get up to Portland very often. We're coming in December tho!