Gluten-free Bread Flour

Did you ever wish you could find a gluten-free flour that gave you nice, soft, fluffy bread just like you used to eat?  A gluten-free bread flour that rose well, that you could knead if you wanted to.  That gave you a nice, crisp crust and a soft, chewy inside.  One that gives you flexible bread slices perfect for sandwiches.

Now you can have that bread flour.

I am very proud to introduce to you Gluten-free Gourmand's No. 7 Artisan Bread Flour.  This hand-crafted blend of specially selected gluten-free flours gives you loaves with consistent texture and mild but traditional flavor.  Containing no rice flour, this proprietary flour blend rises well and maintains flexibility.

Knead it.  Using Gluten-free Gourmand's proprietary blend of flours, you can achieve doughs that are kneadable and stand on their own for beautiful boules, batards, and french loaves.

Slice it.  No. 7 Bread Flour makes the best gluten-free sandwiches.  It slices easily, and you can handle the slices - they flex under your grip and around your huge stack of ingredients.

Toast it.  This bread toasts so nicely!

Taste it.  This bread tastes and feels delicious, just like you remember home-made bread used to be.

No. 7 Artisan Bread flour is also notable for what it doesn't have.

- No gluten
- No rice
- No corn
- No soy
- No bean flour
- No xanthan gum
- No guar gum
- No artificial ingredients

With stone-ground flours and natural ingredients, you can make wholesome bread again.

Specially formulated for the craft of bread making, No. 7 Artisan Bread Flour is the best gluten-free bread flour you will find on the market.


l'actrice said…
No No xanthan gum, no rice! I'm astound:-)
Gina said…
It turns out that taking out xanthan gum and rice improves the texture quite a bit, Iris! This bread is soft and fluffy!
abm said…
Your recipes look so good. Trying to figure out how to get or make your flour mixes. When I click on the different flours that are used in your recipes I either get "page not found" or "sold out"
What can I do?
Gina said…
ABM - Thanks for your comment. I have stopped offering my flour blends for commercial sale. I am working on developing a simplified version of my flour blend that will be easy to mix at home. I will publish the bread flour blend soon. Thanks for reading my blog!

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