Saturday, April 27, 2013

Baking Gluten-free Bread: a Reader's Success

This winter I came up with many new bread recipes which I published here on my blog.  All of them involved my bread mixes which came out last fall and which I ship anywhere in the United States.  One day on my Facebook page I got this comment from a reader in response to my vegan sandwich bread recipe:

Samantha Matete and I ended up swapping a bunch of messages about gluten-free bread making which eventually resulted in my blog post about how to make your own gluten-free bread flour blend.  Samantha ended up trying some of the ideas that I threw out.  I was excited to see pictures of her loaves once she did some experimenting.

Here are some notes from Samantha about what she did on these loaves of bread:

"Well I am definitely hooked on your bread recipes that I have been querying you about!
The first 2 photos are following the vegan sandwich bread recipe and method.
The 3rd photo is following the teff bread recipe and the 4th was a recipe by
glutenfreegirl and I had to use brown rice flour which I know you say just doesn't work
in gluten free bread baking and your right! It works in sweet baking I find though.
To say all the bread is edible and I know I can do better with more practice and
tweaking Also I used no eggs and replaced with an flaxseed 'egg' slurry mixture. It was
wonderful feeling to slice into a loaf and it didn't crumble apart! The last loaf was abit more
fragile and its either the rice flour or the recipe and method????? Like I said more
practice, experimenting and tweaking.
i have to say though that psylluim is the key in gluten free bread baking for sure!!!!!
This is the one I used from glutenfreegirl who also thinks psylluim is the key.

I have been using just the flaxseed slurry mix '1 tbsp ground flaxseed mixed with 3 tbsp of 
hot water' per egg....
I forgot to add, as I don't know how much psylluim is in your package and when we first
started conversing about your sandwich bread recipes you said to start with 35g psylluim.
I worked it out that a tbsp of psylluim is 5g, so 35g is 7 tbsp and I thought that was abit
much as I know how psylluim works. So I dropped to 20g, 4 tbsp and that worked nicely
on the second loaf, not so dense.

Thanks for all your help.

Onwards and upwards in the world of gluten free baking!"

It's amazing to see people's results from their baking experiments.  Thanks Samantha for the great pictures of your loaves of bread!  They look wonderful!


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