Thursday, August 14, 2014

Flours No More

After long and considered thought, I have decided to stop producing Gluten-free Gourmand flours commercially.  While I am proud of that branch of the business, I would like to concentrate my efforts in other directions both personally and professionally.

There are still a few bags of product left which can be purchased here:

Once this product is gone I will no longer be offering retail sales of my custom flour blends.  In time I may come out with some new flour blends and recipes that you can make at home.  In the meantime there may be some broken links on this blog and some recipes that don't have a flour blend to refer to.  I will try to sort out as many of those as possible.  A newer, sleeker blog may be able to emerge from this transition.

Thank you for your patience and patronage.

Gina Kelley
Founder, Gluten-free Gourmand


Anonymous said...

Gina - I am disappointed you are no longer producing your flours and mixes. Are there any other mixes (particularly for pizza dough and bread) that you would recommend? There are so many products but not many that work or taste good. Thank you so much.

Gina Kelley said...

Pat - Thank you for your thoughts. I should write a post with some recommendations for people who are looking to buy similar GF baking mixes. The one that comes to mind right away is Manini's. They make great bread mixes - very light and fluffy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am sad to see this didn't work out for you. I really wanted to try your bread flour! Can you possibly share the percentages that you used for it, or are you keeping that back in order to possibly sell them again?

Gina Kelley said...

I will be trying to simplify all my flour blends to publish here on my blog, but in the mean time I have a flour blend especially for bread that I can share:
I hope that helps!