Rustic White Bread Flour Blend

I've been using the Gluten-free Bread Flour Blend for years, but I recently developed a "whiter" flour blend that gives the bread a bit more rise, a lighter color, and a lighter crumb.  I get the most compliments on my bread made from this flour.  This flour blend is lower in whole grains and higher in starches, but it's not completely without whole grains so it has a rustic country-style look to the finished product.

This flour blend can be used interchangeably with the original Gluten-free Bread Flour Blend.

Rustic White Bread Flour Blend Recipe

Blend together thoroughly:

150g Tapioca Flour
150g Potato Starch
100g Sorghum Flour
50g Millet Flour

For a binder, keep this separate and mix with the liquids as the recipe indicates:

20g ground psyllium husk

- OR-

28g whole psyllium husk


Eric Cerda said…
I recently made a few baguettes and a boule with this new blend and it indeed is fantastic! Thanks for sharing! I like the taste a lot, and I did get some great rise.
Gina said…
I'm glad you're liking this flour blend! I use it almost exclusively now. It makes a much fluffier bread. The first time she tried it, my mom said it was the best gluten-free bread she'd ever tasted! It's good to hear that it's working for other people, too.
Unknown said…
Great information! I’ve been looking for something like Gluten-free for a while now. Thanks!
Unknown said…
I am wondering if it is possible to use these or any other GF/paleo combinations in a Bread Machine? I haven't experimented much and wonder if anyone else has.
Rob said…
Just made it yesterday, it’s still amazing today. Thank you, you just saved my life. 💜🇨🇦❤️
Eric Cerda said…
Hi Gina,

I recently made a batch of this flour blend and made a boule. After mixing the dough and before covering it to let it rise, I smelled the dough and noticed what I would describe as a slight "chlorine" smell. I decided to let it rise and bake anyway to see if the smell would continue. In the final bread, I still had the chlorine-like smell, in the bread. I used filtered water, so the water could not be the issue. I am failry sure my yeast was still in good condition. The only thing I can think is perhaps my millet or sorghum flour became rancid? Just curious if you've encountered any smell issues like this in your breads using this mix.
Gina said…
Hi Eric, I have never noticed a chlorine smell before! I would guess it's the sorghum, which can sometimes lend a metallic flavor to GF foods, especially GF beer. I have also found that Millet does not store well and goes bad really quickly, so that could be a culprit too. I've had success subbing white buckwheat flour for the millet, but it's hard to find. I grind my own.
Minca said…
Hi Gina,

I've read your post about mixing your own blend.

This blend looks like a lot of starch, while you suggest in you post a maximum of 50% starch. Am I correct to see that this blend has 66% starch and 33% whole grain?
If so, why did you do that in light of your advise doing a maximum of 50% starch?
No offense of course, I just like to know what your thoughts were :-)


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