Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garden Update

Gardening seems to be a hot topic among my friends and family these days. Everyone is comparing notes on how their vegetables are doing. I've had a few things just sort of fade away, but I consider my garden to be productive so far.
Here is one of my mustard plants:
Here is a little basil variety called Pistou Basil. It grows in a cute little bush, and it has tons of small leaves that are very aromatic:
I'm growing cilantro from seeds:
I bought this calendula (marigold) start at the farmer's market back in March or April and it became huge - about a foot and a half high! I couldn't believe it!My tomatoes seem to be doing well, and already have little green tomatoes on them. It's pretty exciting for me because last year my garden went in late and I had to wait forever until I had tomatoes. I'm growing a bunch of different varieties this year.The tag on this one says "Opalka." It's going to produce a dark red tomato with the shape of a chili.I bought way too many cherry tomato varieties. I'll have really colorful tomato salads this year with red, purple, and orange cherry tomatoes. I think these are the Sun Gold tomatoes that will be orange:The weather is getting hotter here. I hope the gardens keep thriving! How is yours doing?


Rebecca said...

Good work on the garden. I especially like that pistou basil--isn't pistou the French word for pesto? Do they use this type to make pesto in France, perhaps?

I think I'll pull out my pepper plants, which haven't grown a centimeter in two months, and put in some parsley or other herbs. I'll see what seeds I have lying around.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful garden! You know, I think that is the first time I've seen a mustard plant! You can eat the greens, right?

Gina said...


Don't rip out the peppers! They might come around now that it's finally getting hot and sunny. Besides - parsley? It's not worth the effort!


You can eat the mustard greens! I'm going to cook with them tonight. You can use them for braising or sauteing. Thanks for the compliment!

Rebecca said...

I gave the peppers a fair chance, but they had to go. They seriously hadn't grown even a tiny bit in two months, and their leaves were falling off. I just don't think they could possibly recover from that.

I like growing parsley and I had some free seeds (from when my last parsley crop went to seed). It lasts for two whole years--over winter and everything.

Amy Green said...

Your garden is beautiful!! I have green-thumb envy. We planted some herbs, some of which are doing wonderfully. Otherwise, the bunnies and the birds have been fed well. We've just decided that they need to eat too.

Gina said...


And my slugs are very well-fed as well.

Anonymous said...

I love your garden pictures! :)