Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

For this week's What Can I eat that's Gluten-free? I've hybridized two of my classic recipes: Forbidden Rice with Chicken and Roasted Vegetables. What you do is follow the recipe for the roasted vegetables but add the chicken to your baking sheet or cast-iron skillet. If you add some cherry tomatoes, too, they make a great sauce with all the other drippings. Cook the black rice as described in my post on Forbidden Rice and serve them together for an elegant, delicious, and simple plate. The rice takes about as long as the chicken and vegetables, so it's really easy!

Come join us for the What Can I Eat that's Gluten-free? blog carnival over at the Gluten-free Homemaker.


Linda said…
Simple and delicious. That's what I like. That forbidden rice in your pictures always makes me look twice! Thanks for sharing.
I've yet to try forbidden rice. I have some in my cupboard - thanks for the inspiration!

Twitter: ellensrecipes
Pam said…
Great looking dish!
I have used the juice from roasted tomatoes to glaze other veggies and it's absolutely decadent. It's amazing what kind of flavor you can get from roasting veggies.

Your presentation is beautiful and I love food preparation's emphasis on simplicity.
thewholegang said…
That looks great. I'm ready to eat.
Lori P said…
Looks delicious. So glad I found your blog. :)
Brian said…
Great picture! The forbidden rice looks intriguing, I need to look for it at the store.
I love forbidden rice mixtures, is it not too much by itself?
Nadya said…
Mmm - looks heavenly! Just found your blog when I searched for a G F scone recipe - just finshed making them, & YUM!! Used 1/4 C coconut flour w/brown rice basic mix, coconut milk in the mix, & 3 Tbsp each of coconut oil & butter, & added a bit of nutmeg :)

I'm a Bodaceous Babe red hats' we're going to tea this Fri, so I called the chef/owner & she said she'll plan for GF 'but you'll need to forgo the scones' . . . ah, but I won't :)
Thanks for a lovely blog!

I like the Lundberg brown rice mixes, & have had one batch of forbidden rice - love the dark colours :)
l'actrice said…
It looks very good. I'm sure it tastes fantastic:-)
Pity said…
lovely chicken dish, it really looks great and delicious! very well done,

cheers from london,


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