Monday, May 14, 2012

Portland's Somewhat Gluten-free Restaurant List

I have a Restaurant List going of Portland's many safe gluten-free eating establishments.  That list is of the restaurants in Portland that have gone above and beyond in order to offer safe dining options for people who eat gluten-free.  I want to list out a few more restaurants which may or may not be celiac-safe, but which definitely have options for those who are looking for something with no gluten ingredients.  For clarity I'll list the restaurant with what I know about its degree of gluten safety.
Seven Virtues GF Sandwich
Elephant's Delicatessan - Each item in the hot and cold deli case is labeled for various food restrictions.  Those labeled WF have no wheat or gluten ingredients.  The servers are very helpful when you have questions about ingredients.  However, everything is prepared in a common kitchen with no segregation.

Por Que No? - There are very few things that are made with gluten in these taquerias.  Most dishes are served with hand-made corn tortillas.  However, I have not done extensive research on any possible cross-contamination issues.

Navarre - The servers are very knowledgeable about ingredients in each dish.  Many dishes are naturally wheat-free if they don't include bread.  They have a great brunch menu.

India Oven - Servers are very knowledgeable about ingredients, and many dishes are prepared in a traditional, naturally gluten-free way.  I don't know of the potential for cross-contamination.

Vindalho - Servers can direct you to the items that can be prepared gluten-free.  I believe everything is made in a common kitchen.

Toro Bravo - This amazing tapas place has lots of naturally GF items on the menu.  Many items are prepared individually or in their own ceramic pots.  Servers are very helpful and knowledgeable.  All items are cooked in a common kitchen.

J&M Cafe - This breakfast joint has several egg dishes that have no gluten ingredients.  Their potatoes are home-made and also contain no wheat flour.  Of course, everything is prepared in a common kitchen.

A.N.D -  54th and E Burnside.  A vegetarian breakfast place that serves gluten-free waffles.  As far as I know, all their waffles are gluten-free, so they don't share the waffle iron with gluten ingredients.  Eggs are served poached so they aren't cooked on shared equipment with gluten.

Slappy Cakes Serves cook-your-own pancakes, and has GF batter.

Besaw's serves gluten-free pancakes, but I believe they are cooked on the same griddles as the glutinous ones.

Seven Virtues - This coffee shop sells GF vegan pastries and can make a grilled panini on gluten-free bread.  Read the full review here.


Christopher said...

Great list! Navarre is delicious.

Gina said...

Thanks Christopher! I agree that Navarre is one of the best on this list.

Anonymous said...

Gina, Can you please post info about the Gluten Free Fair this weekend for your followers? I think a lot of folks haven't heard about this amazing GF event.


Gina said...


You just did! Thanks for the reminder.

Coffee Portland said...

I would love to try everything:-) You've got an amazing blog. More power to you:-)

Gina said...

Hey thanks Coffee Portland!