Sunday, June 10, 2012

What's Coming Up

Hello readers!  I'm really lucky to be going to a photo conference this week, but it means that I won't have time to update this blog until I get back.  To tide you over until I return, I'd like to just share a few things that I'm working on.

A few weeks ago I put out a query on my Facebook page asking readers what they miss the most or would like to see re-created in the gluten-free form.  I got a good list of things that I've been trying to plow through:

A few people mentioned recipes that I already had posted, like scones and pizza crust.  The big deal is the bread.  Now, I have a few bread recipe already, but I'm working on developing a blend of flours that's perfect for bread baking in all its various forms.  Pictured above is my first successful loaf of vegan bread made without any xanthan gum.  It's made with a version of my upcoming bread flour blend.  I'll be sure to keep you posted on this development, which I'm very excited about, but I won't be able to cook from my hotel room for the next week so R&D is going to be on a brief hiatus.

Which glutinous goods do you miss the most that you can't find a good substitute for?  Weigh in by leaving a comment and I'll put it on my list!


lettergirl said...

I see that bagels are on your list, but please move them to the top! Would love to have a good ol' crackly on the outside - chewy on the inside bagel. (Not dry! Not spongey!) Thanks for your efforts!

Gina said...

Most of the GF bagels I've had have just been tough. I'd love chewy and crispy! I'll work on it. I can't say it will be easy, but after croissants, how hard could it be?

Ishy said...

BAGELS!!! oh my god yes. I had some good ones a while back but then found out i was also allergic to tapioca and garbonzo (both were in said bagels) and now I can't eat them ever again if I don't make them. if anyone can do it, you can!

Gina said...

Ishy - I'm guessing bagels will be relatively easy. Well, relative to croissants, anything is easy.

My gluten-free flour mixes all contain tapioca, unfortunately. I'm getting a lot of feedback from people who have tapioca allergies, however, so I might develop a mix that doesn't contain it. Hopefully the bagels turn out first try, though!